Auto Glass Replacement: An Overview

The windshield has nothing to do with the engine of the car, but a chip or crack in it puts the passengers of the vehicle at risk. In any collision, the windshield can come off its perimeter or simply break and injure you badly. Hence, even a minor damage to the windshield should be treated immediately to prevent any long-term consequences.

This article briefly looks at the process of auto glass replacement.

Repair First

Before moving on, it is important to note that not all chips and cracks warrant an auto glass replacement. There are several tools and techniques out there that repair damaged windshields in a cost effective manner. In fact, auto insurance terms are more relaxed when it comes to windshield repairs as compared to replacements. You can get cracks up to 12 inches repaired, so you should consider it before opting for a complete replacement.

Why Auto Glass Replacement Becomes Necessary

Auto glass repairs, although convenient, have their limitations. For instance, if the windshield is damaged towards its edges, then the whole piece can become disintegrated easily. If you still go for repairs, do so immediately, otherwise the crack can become dangerous.

Moreover, any repairs will leave their mark on the windshield. So if the auto glass was damaged near the driver’s field of vision, the repair would fix it but the vision will still be obscure. This may be more risky than driving with a chipped windshield!

Most importantly, what was the impact of the collision that damaged the windshield? Sometimes, an accident doesn’t destroy the windshield but merely leaves a crack or two, which, as we just discussed, can be repaired. Although one should always remain optimistic, accidents are inevitable unless you are driving on empty roads or not driving at all. So, what about the next hit, i.e., can the repair withstand the next collision?

If the accident was serious, consider replacing the glass even if the structure of the windshield seems stable. Another thing that you need to keep in mind is the force of the airbags. Airbags burst out at tremendous speeds (up to 200 miles per hour), which means they will put intense pressure on the windshield during an accident.

For all these reasons, auto glass replacement is the right of course of action.

The Costs

For the most part, auto glass replacement is costlier than repairs. That is because auto glass replacement comprises of:

  • The cost of the windshield
  • The windshield molding kit
  • The labor involved

However, there will be fair difference in auto glass replacement prices depending on who you are dealing with. The original windshield of the vehicle brand purchased from a dealer will obviously be expensive than buying from an independent glass shop. For the most part, non-branded windshields offer quality, safety, and a clear vision field, at lower price of course. However, be sure to check what you are purchasing against safety standards.

In the end, the type of auto glass replacement you chose will depend on your budget and more importantly the nature of the damage.



Auto Glass Replacement

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Windshield Replacement Quotes

As soon as you decide to replace your chipped windshield, your next concern is probably the amount of money you are going to spend on this. With so many service providers around, do not feel overwhelmed with options. Instead be very prepared to compare a number of windshield replacement quotes just to be sure you have found the best match. When doing these comparisons, make sure you take a look at the services you will be paying for.

An auto glass company will present to you a windshield replacement quote as soon as you fill out some details regarding your issue. Ensure that the windshield replacement quotes include everything that is required to complete the replacement project. A credible company can never present additional fees later on.

One of the things you can do to stay away from vendors who impose additional costs is to ask the right questions beforehand. If in the quote, the only charges which are included are labor and parts fees, make sure you ask them to clarify if anything else has been left out. There are those companies which will impose additional fees if they offer mobile and disposal services to a client. A reliable service provider will certainly notify you regarding these extras beforehand.

There are basically many fees that contribute to the final price of windshield replacement. For instance, if you sought substandard auto glass replacement before and this expert needs to deal with the existing mistakes on your auto glass before replacing your windshield then you may have to pay an additional fee for this. An additional charge may also be imposed in case you have stockers on your auto glass and they need to be removed and transferred to your new windshield. However, this will depend on your choice of service provider.

The kind of technology used to replace your windshield and the type of adhesive used will also determine the price you pay for windshield replacement. The service provider may also decide to include a special gel pad, which helps to hold the molding in place. All these should be included in windshield replacement quotes.

When comparing windshield replacement quotes, be open-minded and remember that there is more to consider when making your decision other than the price offered. Consider the quality of service being offered, level of expertise and experience of the auto glass specialists. Do not always settle for the service providers who offer the cheapest windshield replacement quotes.

Certified Auto Glass Technicians

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